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BJ State and Local Government 02/25/13 TEXAS GOVERNOR CAMPAIGN Campaign slogan “Big Jim” for the Governor: Texas on the Rise” Words from James Walker ‘I would like to take this opportunity to address my fellow Texans of my intention to participate in gubernatorial election in 2014. As you all know our country is facing lot of problems now including healthcare, water shortage, proper transportation infrastructure, education expenses, unemployment etc….. At the same time we are facing another big problem here that is our minority issues, their education, their health care, immigration problems etc. Years back when my parents came from Mexico, they didn’t know that how to settle in United States. They learned everything like survival of the fittest. They gave us proper education, food, health care everything as much as they could. Finally we were in good shape. My sister became a physician and me myself in front of you for your judgment. It is with this problem I would like to base my platform in front of you. Grew up in my family, I learned the importance of hard work and be a good Christian. About the immigration what is my stand is that encourage legal immigration. I know all over the world people dream about United States. This is their dream world. Everybody has lot of expectation. But if they come here ill legally how can they afford health care? How can they give proper education to the children? I would like take all these issues very closely during my campaign. Secondly my promise is to improve our education system and decrease the university expenditure. Mahatma Gandhi from India said that “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” This my favorite vision about education. I know we are spending more than half our budget for education. But the question is that are we using that money properly?

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