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Will Carlson Politics is an extremely complicated subject to do research on because there are so many variables. Details are vague and people are either interested or not, this makes research a little bit easier. People’s views can be misconstrued and wrong but either way it’s their opinion and you have no right to change that. For that reason it’s a touchy subject for some people because they may not want to divulge any information. When researching politics I find that it’s best to be neutral to not stir up any confrontation that will hinder your research. Politics can be tied to any kind of research, its helpful to use another subject to use as a hypothetical fodder to do better research on politics. Politics can be biased so, to get better research one must look at every aspect. This can be long and tedious, and you must have a large group of people to really get the best research. There are many things to research regarding politics, such as, political affiliation, laws and regulations, and different policies. I believe that a long study on each political aspect combined together would be the best way to go about researching politics as a whole. Due to the recent election politics has been a hot subject and it probably wouldn’t be the best time to research them. If you researched politics before an election you could find out what people think of the current problems as well as the future problems. People are too focused on solving future problems during the election. In my opinion to achieve the best results for a study on politics you should do it over time during a presidency rather than during an election period, collect data on every aspect of politics from every political view. When you are collecting data you should be unbiased, and attentive to get the best

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