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Charles Chen Prof. Milestone, MA COM 324 Sept 1, 2012 Social Media Influence on Politics Social media have become quite the phenomenon of our new generation. Social media is the concept of having an electronic platform where people can interact and have conversations about a wide variety of common subjects using technology. The idea started around 2004 when Internet websites like MySpace.com and Blogger.com were created and allowed users from all over the world to interact with each other. Since the year of early 90s, the Internet has grown into a network of nearly 300 million websites by the end of 2010. Many of these websites are news and gossip blogs where people can write their opinions and thoughts about news and other subjects allowing readers to leave comments about what they think. This ability to comment on information and news, in a way, has changed how news is disseminated and how politics works in the United States and internationally. “Social media has earned a prominent seat at the table with the large media companies of the world and has birthed an entirely new way to cover the world of politics. As we approach the electoral year, political chatter will continue to snowball and generate enormous heaps of data. Data can drastically impact how we determine the importance of a given story, the ways that we gauge public opinion and eventually may even revolutionize the way we cast our votes.” (Parr). It’s only been a couple years that mainstream news media like CNN, ABC, FOX have taken part of the new media by having their audience watch the news flow by offering their opinions on websites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.com MSNBC have recently followed by using contributions from Twitter and having their anchors getting an account and updating their status daily to let their followers know what they’re up to. Although the involvement of this

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