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Capri Crabbe Against the Electoral College 5 11 2012 The 2012 election between president Obama and candidate Mitt Romney is in a few days. The election involves common people voting, but the election is not a popularity contest. The Electoral College chooses the president, and each state has a different number of votes they have in the Electoral College. I personally do not think having the Electoral College choose the president is fair. I think the American people get cheated out of their vote since they don’t really get to choose their president. One reason I am against the Electoral College is I think without the Electoral College it is easier to please the American people. What I mean by that is Americans do not get to complain when there is a winner due to popularity. The popular vote would be fair to everyone because it is an actual number amount. Everyone would get a chance to vote Republican or Democrat. We have the right to vote as Americans, so every vote should count. My second reason for being against the Electoral College is the voting process would be so much faster if we didn’t have to vote through the Electoral College. If voting was done electronically, there would be no need for the electoral college since the votes would be counted accurately. Americans would know who won once the voting booth closed. The Electoral College is an extra step, which leads to my third and final reason why I am not in favor of the Electoral College. My third and final reason why I am against the Electoral College is the electoral college is an extra step when the new president could be chosen faster with the popular vote. I don’t think the Electoral College is the correct representation of the American people votes. How could a few people from any state have enough power to elect a president of a country of millions of people. No two people in this

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