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Introduction The following essay will take a look at the concepts of Legislatures and Legislative structures.We will take note of the basic principles of the legislative branch in the context of the democratic society and why it is seen as a better representation of the public than the executive branch of government , even if , in some cases , it may be of no avail in terms of political progress from a personal political , social or economic perspective.The role of political parties will be discussed in maintaining autonomy in the legislature and we will also take a look at both the Bicameral and Unicameral legislature and why certain countries make use of one or the other respectively.It goes without saying that the legislative branch is still in full swing regarding participation , but there is no denying the upper hand in power , in a democracy , of the executive branch especially when the majority has more than half the seats in the legislative.We will now take a more elaborate look at the above mentioned information. The core Tasks of a legislature in a democratic society. According Mahler the tasks of a legislature in a democracy can be divided into five catergories. They include: 1.)The control and criticism of the other branches of government most importantly the executive branch. In essence this means that the legislative branch has some degree of control with reference to the decision making of the executive branch.From a societal point it tries to ensure democracy to the people by playing a representative role to the people, they were elected by and trying to influence these values to the advantage of these people. 2.)Debate The function of this catergory , so to speak , “is to propose , deliberate and decide about public policy”.Although this function has very close ties with lawmaking it does however vary to some extent .In many

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