Political Views Essay

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Jessica Martin SSC101SP2 DL04 Research Paper Political Views April 26, 2010 Teacher: Danny Moore I really found a strong interest in comparing political marks between South Africa, the United States and Germany. A conversation between friends from South Africa, led to me wanting to research or compare political views. I wanted to know how he and his family dealt with changes in South Africa after Nelson Mandela was elected President and how they were adapting to the United States and its first African American President. The conversations were deep, sad, and eye opening. I have been curious about things in South Africa for years now. Shortly after 9/11, a really close friend of mine was sent over to South Africa, he was a ranger in the Military. His experience there was life changing and to this day he claims it was the worst place he has been. Ever since then I always wondered about South Africa. I was especially excited when I met my South African friend last year. It so amazing to listen to ones point of views about current day events and topics I have never seen on the news. It always sounds like something out of the movies. At the end of the conversations, I was left with a little sorrow in my heart. It was mind boggling to hear about the way people live and treat each other. The struggles of everyday life and the battles they still face today. My mother is really big into politics and I often get tired of hearing about it. My mom was born and raised in Germany, she went to college in Germany and her values are a little different then what we are taught over here. So interviewing these people seemed like the logical thing to do. It was a great way to get different views from all over the world. The one thing that caught my eye about South Africa years ago was the photo my friend had in his living room. This photo took up the entire wall and I
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