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PS 240-001 Intro to Political Theory 1. Based on Thiele’s interpretation of Plato and Aristotle, explain why statecraft and soulcraft must be practiced together. a. Plato stated that a truly just city would occur if and only if everyone over the age of 10 was discarded, the remaining young citizens possessed an innocent and uncorrupted soul. Plato suggested that every time a law was made to contain a certain act, that another act took the place of the previous one, requiring more laws to restrain each and every one. If the soul was crafted in terms of virtue, this can construct justice. If the soul is not crafted in an education of virtue, laws would be needed for restraints, but laws cannot produce virtue, they can only postpone political devastation. A well crafted soul is that of which its ordered parts work in harmony where reason rules over infatuation and desire. According to Plato, it is the duty of a philosopher to order the souls of fellow citizens. If the job of mending souls was done well, Plato believed, the harmony within individuals would produce harmony between individuals (Thiele 156). Hence, identity of the individual and social interaction is positively related. If well ordered souls in turn create a well ordered city, beneath the creation of both is justice. In order for this to occur, that is to say a just political system to occur, statecraft and soulcraft must be practiced together. In theory, statecraft and soulcraft are one in the same. The characteristics of citizens are determined by the structure and institutions of the political system. In turn, the political system that is established is determined by its citizens. A citizen whose soul was not crafted in terms of justice, thus a soul lacking virtue, cannot properly form a political order. With a faultily constructed political rule, its citizens will not be suitably educated. An

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