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Political systems Over time government has changed differently going through many different types of government. Government has changed from civilization to civilization. Over the centuries two major forms of government were made. One of them was one that was run by one leader, or a dictator. The other was democracy, one where majority rule has power. Both democracy and dictatorship have different beginnings and their problems, being like opposites of each other. There is a theory called the social contract theory. The theory says that democracy developed through people making agreements with one another to make a society where they could have order. There is another theory called the evolution theory. This says that government developed through a family being the leader of people. When the family got bigger, it became a clan and with time it began to turn into a web of families that agreed based on majority. Democracy has these two characteristics. A democracy is an agreement between people to have order and they make decisions based on majority. One thing the theories leave out is that democracies gives individual rights and try to protect those rights. “In a democracy, supreme political authority rests with the people” (Magruders 15). In this way it is a government for the people. The form of government called a dictatorship is exactly how it sounds. It is a government with a dictator, or one ruling person or party that dictates the entire nation. “All dictatorships are authoritarian—those in power hold absolute and unchallengeable authority over the people”(Magruders 16). Theories of dictatorship include the divine right theory and the force theory. The divine right theory says government originated through people believing gods chose their ruler, giving them “divine right”. The force theory says that government

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