Political System Of Pakistan Essay

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ABSTRACT In the sixty two years of independence from British rule the behavior of the state apparatus and political class has become more arbitrary, proprietorial and delusional. These have contributed to the deterioration in the intellectual and moral quality of the state apparatus which is a mortal threat to Pakistan. Regrettably, much of the academic and public discussion about developing societies has been vitiated by the heedless repetition of fashionable jargon that emphasizes national security, democracy and development. The decline in the ability of the Pakistani state to govern effectively and in accordance with its own formal constitutional parameters between the 1950s and the 1990s have been attributed to the mentality of the westernized ruling elite of Pakistan which has steadily regressed into its pre-British form in its ways of exercising power . Thus, the state has come to be treated as a personal estate by the rulers whereby the servants of the state have become personal servants of the powerful members of the executive. This arbitrary exercise of power has re-emerged as a dominant norm and undermined the institutional and psychological principles and practices inherited from the British Empire in India. Various theories and views have been held as the factors which have compelled Pakistan to drift into crisis of Governance both in historical and philosophical terms and also varying types of remedies to rectify the mess. PREFACE 1. We inherited the British Parliamentary system of one man one vote. Having clung enthusiastically to this system for so long and having seen so many governments come and go, one is but compelled to think whether this is the system we want. Just look at the literacy rate and imagine that we leave our fate after every 5 years to the vote of this uneducated and unaware majority. This majority votes for its feudal lord

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