Political Parties And Interest Groups

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there are many functions and purposesof interest groups in our country. basically an interest group is a group of individuals who want to influence change within the government. these interest groups are for civil liberties, and this is one function. another function is that they want to change policies by directly dealing with people who have the authority to change these policies, or to put them into effect. they also build alliances, campaign assistance, as well as other forms of pressure as functions of their purpose.political parties on the other hand, want to run the government vs just influence it, and they want to make and enforce policies. the functions of political party are:recruiting candidates,for the purpose of finding someone that would appeal to others. they also organize and run elections, for the purpose of getting other people involved. another fuction would be to offer several policies, for the purpose of variety, and a feeling of choice within the people. they also would organize congress, as a purpose.there are some similarities between political parties and interest groups. one similiarity is that both parties want to change policies. another similarity is that they both include the public as a resource in their purposes to reach their goals. they also have even more differences. the purposes and the functions for each group differ as well. the most major difference is the fact that interest groups are interested in persuading the government. political parties are more interested in running the government. the benefits of interest groups in US democracy is that they even though the group may be formed for a specific reason, it focuses on civil matters as a whole. the groups are for the people and what they really want. they want their influence to be heard. and it can be. and this is what our democracy is all about. some drawbacks of these

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