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Political Parties The two major political parties are the Republican and the Democratic Party; however over the past few decades many people have become very dissatisfied with them. The Libertarians main focus are the right of the people, those rights include the rights to the fruit of their labor and the right to freely associate and form contracts and the limiting of government intervention. The Libertarian Party was founded in Colorado in 1971, and is becoming America's largest, fastest growing national third Party. The Libertarian Party platform calls for small government, low taxes, and the rights of individuals to control their own lives. They believe that no individual, group, or government should be able to initiate force against any other individual, group or government. For example, they believe in women's rights to an abortion and the rights of gays to have consensual sex and marriage. Individuals should be able to make choices for themselves and be able to accept the responsibilities for their actions. The Libertarian Party also believe that the role of the government in the economic realm should be to protect private property rights, adjudicate disputes, and provide a legal framework in which voluntary trade is protected. For example, people should be entitled to keep the fruits of their labor. The government should not be able to force collection of money or goods from any individual, this violates their civil rights. The Libertarian Party also favors restoring and reviving a free market health care system. Citizens should be able to get free medical care and not have to worry about hospital costs. The Libertarians primary purpose is to resolve the social ills of society. Many people turn to the Libertarian Party because they are dissatisfied with the traditional Left and Right wing politics. The Libertarian party is made up of many factions, not

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