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Political Parties essay America was a new nation emerging after the Revolutionary with two different political parties. This new independent country had to establish a government that would bind the country and carry out its rights. Class divisions, industry, and natural rights were becoming factors that were being debated as well as a source of economic wealth for the United States. Due to political, economic, and social issues, the Federalists and the Democratic Republicans were government parties that formed in the United States. The Federalists were led by Alexander Hamilton and supported a strong central government to lead the country, and The Democratic Republicans led by Thomas Jefferson supported State sovereignty. The United States National Bank, differences in wealth, and commerce verses agriculture in the country led to the emergence of two political parties. Political power in the new nation was an issue that led to the formation of the Federalist and Democratic Republican parties. The Federalist Witch hunt was started by the Alien and sedition acts that increased tensions between the two political groups. The Alien act targeted foreigners and immigrants that supported the Jefferson’s Democratic Republicans. The Sedition act also took away freedom of Speech and press to those who spoke against the Federalist party. The Federalists used these acts to maintain their power in government and to minimize their opposition, the Democratic Republicans. Since these laws went against first amendments rights and deported foreigners with the Alien laws, this angered the Democratic Republicans. This also led Thomas Jefferson and the Democratic Republicans to make the Kentucky resolution to nullify the Alien and sedition acts, challenging the Federalists. Jefferson thought the states had the power to nullify as the Federalist exceeded their

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