Political Participation Essay

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According to the online Webster’s Dictionary, “..political participation is the active engagement by individuals and groups with the government processes that affect their lives.” Political participation is an important region in American culture, since it affects our daily lives and how we live. It is a process which we as Americans, no matter the age, should involve ourselves in. Political participation is a huge factor in determining the way our future and current generations will prosper. Political participation is stratified by age, meaning arranged or classified. Thinking about it, how much participation in political government do young people have opposed to older people? Less, but not none. Participation can be as limited as participating in a government course, or as simply as expressing an opinion in a public form. Now taking a look at emotion versus reason; young people tend to be veered by emotion more than someone who has invested interest one way or another. The more that you experience in life the more concrete, more static your ideas begin to become. The younger you are the more likely you are to be persuaded off of emotion; example of “rational persuasion vs manipulative” part of Dahl’s theory. The health government is very much so reflected in varying levels of political participation. The more you participate, the more educated you become about the process. If you become apathetic, things will definitely pass you by; major issues won’t be registered with you. Participation can be discussion without issues, even watching the news, the more educated you become the more understanding you will have about the consent of the

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