Political Manipulation Essay

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Political Manipulation Through Use of Mass Media and Espionage: A Bad Practice Political manipulation exists and is a phenomenon of a great social interest. It happens in all countries and is accomplished in several manners. Two manners of effective political manipulation are the use of mass media and espionage. Throughout the history, many politicians, to achieve their goals, have used mass media and espionage extensively to manipulate people. They, most of the time, use mass media and espionage for bad purposes. Forunately, social networks are liberating people from any manner of political manipulation, including the use of mass media and espionage. Political manipulation through the mass media and espionage, grants the decisions and control of the society to a group of power in a such manner the rest of the people obey the will of it. On the other hand, mass media and espionage are no longer just information services; Mass media and espionage have become effective weapons of political manipulation. The politicians are using these weapon to achieve their objectives even if these objectives bad, non legitimate illegitimate. Globally we have been victims of this manipulation where massive media undisputedly contributes to influence people acting as an interpreter. Methods of reporting an event and supporting tools as video and photography have an enormous effect on the public’s mental image and opinion about a certain topic or event. For example, wars fought in other continents are perceived as “the good side” and “the bad side” only by the massive media interpretation presented to us on television, radio, internet. The amount of time used in a certain event of news, the order it is presented (its position in the newspaper page), the photographs and videos used to support an opinion, are all factors that heavily contribute to add significance to

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