Political Issues Convention Essay

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Political Issues Convention For this assignment, I attended the Political Issues Convention. Although I did not attend the whole convention, and did not go to any of the workshops because I had another class, I found the convention knowledgeable and interesting. The people hosting the convention explained what they were going to discuss during their workshops. Three of the topics mentioned were, job loss, how to boost the economy, and health care. The students in the convention seemed very involved, and the topic that interested me most was job loss. It was discussed more than the others, and to me, is one of the main important problems in the economy. The other topics were only mentioned once or twice, but this issue was addressed and by a few of the different people working in the workshops. Job loss is related to the economy problems, so I think the workshops discussing economy problems more than likely would have mentioned job loss being a effect of it. The people explaining the issues of their workshops, didn’t go to into depth of their topic and what they were going to discuss. They stated the issue, and how they were going to further explain it to the people to give us more information, and hopefully slow or stop these problems. For the people that did attend the whole convention, including the workshops, I believe that the convention was organized well enough to help people better understand some of the issues in Michigan. I think having these sort of gatherings to explain issues in our state, are very important. It wasn’t just our students attending the event, it was also students from other schools, and other people too. I also think that if more people were to attend them, it could possibly help mend our
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