Political Geography Of The Caribbean Essay

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Northern Caribbean University College of Arts and general studies Department of history, geography and social sciences “Political Geography is an important tool of analysis for understanding the politics of the Caribbean; however, the notion of small size is over-emphasized. To what extent is this true?” Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Course: PLSC: Caribbean Politics & Government By: Dannieka To: Lecturer’s Name: Charlene Date: 28 June, 2009 In order to understand the political diversity and uniqueness of the Caribbean, one must first appreciate and fully understand its complexities – those things which make each individual country unique, though all were forged by the experience of chattel slavery. Political geography looks at the relationship between the physical and political features of a country. The physical geography of the Caribbean islands has been from the time of the indigenous people up until the present, one of the foremost and inescapable influences on the way of life and the intricacies of the various societies within the region. It is the topography, geology, climate and all other physical and natural resources of the Caribbean states which will impact on the type of society present, and in turn its political structure. Indeed, political geography is an important feature which makes the political field of the Caribbean a complex and diverse one, and aids in the analysis of the Caribbean as a whole, and as individual states. Political geography involves the use of tools such as: size, location, physiography and climate to analyze the geo-political atmosphere of the Caribbean. However, small size is the primary feature used to distinguish political, economic and social success for the economies and polities of Caribbean states. It is a widely accepted view that

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