Political Factors Of Google

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In the past it was very hard to find information immediately and specifically should there be a reason to find it immediately. The way in the olden days people used of find information would be to go to the library to read books or reading the newspaper to at least get close to what you want to find. The world improved over time and the technology and equipment we developed made life easy and has given us the platform to find information in the easiest possible way, which would be the Search Engine in the internet. The most largely used search engine would be google. Google was created by Larry page and Sergey Brin on the year 1998 and was incorporated on September 4, 1998 and their new headquarters is located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway,…show more content…
If the market is stable, governments help businesses and so these businesses advertise more on Google, hence benefitting Google. In addition, most of the governments do not have identified laws for online information sharing, thus, giving Google the opportunity to manipulate laws. However, China has created a barrier for Google by adding regulations that forbid Google from operating on their terms. For example, according to Essays (2013), "Chinese Government launched a surveillance system called Golden Shield for monitoring civilian use of Internet." On a positive note, most of the political factors affect Google negligibly. Some of these factors are taxation polices, employment laws and environment protection…show more content…
Technological factors play a major role in a company like Google and it is part of the company’s competitive strategy. Google is not only a search engine; it also provides many services, tools and products free of charge through www.google.com. Google's IT infrastructure is a closely guarded secret because it is one of the company’s competitive advantages. Google has up to 450,000 servers spreads over at least 25 locations and it uses a customized version of Linux operating systems to give them control and flexibility in finding new discoveries. The success of Google is mainly due to its innovative concepts and technologies such as PageRank in their search engine, AdWords as advertising system, AdSense program, Gmail, Google Spreadsheets & Docs, Google Map, Google Froogle, Google Analytics, Google Desktop, Google Earth, Google Gear, Google Page creator, Google groups, Google talk, Picasa and

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