Political Culture Changing over Time Essay

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Whilst reading original sins by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi there appeared to be this clear trend or underlain notion that one of the main objectives of the Zionists was to essentially eliminate and re-create an entirely newly constructed Israeli identity. One that would let go of their “weak” past and replace it with a strong, nationalistic and proud present. I found it to be exceptionally interesting how Jewish history was being selectively rejected whereas parts that were historically criticized and rejected have, instead, become the events that are being highlighted and cemented into their newly created culture. Furthermore, the detailed organizational structure and procedure of how to create this new culture seemed flawless, it appeared that every thing you can think of was pedantically calculated. Even Archaeology was used and manipulated in a way to foster continuity and by extension create an attachment to the “homeland”. There seemed to be a radical elimination and rejection of diaspora traditions, and this need to create a new national identity that is based on nationalism and attachment to a new homeland. Even names were selected and rejected based on what they were historically attached to. As stated in the reading “the foreign geography had to be erased” to me this was just crazy, and it was astonishing how calculated the creation of modern day Israel was. The precision by which this movement created a “new human being, the opposite of the old Jew in diaspora” baffled me. While reading Intractable conflict and the Media I couldn’t help but draw parallels to this prevalent notion that “Israel controls the media” this is something that I have personally witnessed over and over again in Hollywood movies and shows. They seem to always be portrayed as the “good guy” or “the hero”. It was interesting to read about how this control isn’t only an external

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