Political Courage: Jimmy Carter

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The Political Courage of: Jimmy Carter In recent years, demonstrations of political courage are very hard to come by. In most cases, the moral or “right” choice is usually the least profitable so political leaders rarely support it. Despite all the promises voters are fed, politicians hardly ever follow through. However, every once in a while a true leader emerges onto the scene. They are usually met with opposition and animosity, but those who possess true political courage stick to what they believe is right, regardless of popular belief. Jimmy Carter is a politician that fits this description. His domestic and foreign policies demonstrate bold and courageous politics. He has strong moral beliefs and went out of his way to find a peaceful resolution to any situation. He also showed courage by using his diplomatic skills to neutralize many foreign affairs and showing the United States of America in a positive light around the world. If using peaceful politics, advancing human rights, and skillful diplomacy are characteristics of courage in politics, then Jimmy Carter is a perfect example. Admittedly, the Carter administration was often criticized for the dismal shape of the economy during his reign. His daring choices often placed him at odds with Congress and popular public opinion. Despite high inflation rates, at the end of his term Carter could credit an 8 million job increase and a significant decrease in the budget deficit. He had inherited a shaky economy, a national debt, and also what he called a “crisis of confidence” throughout the American people. In 1976 the country was coming out of dark times riddled with war, scandal and tragedy. With Vietnam, Watergate, and the JFK assassination fresh in peoples mind, the country’s faith in the government and in the nation itself was declining. Carter’s goal was to conduct a “competent and compassionate”

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