Political Compass Essay

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The Political Compass test is set up like a survey; a person answers questions and then based on the answers given the results of the test will show where the person rates in an economic dimension and a social dimension in regards to the political scheme of things. On the social scale a “Left Authoritarian” means that what the government needs is more important than the individual citizens socially. A “Right Authoritarian” is someone whose views are extreme when it comes to the state economic views they feel the government is more important than the individual a good example of this type of person would be Pinochet who just to protect the free market was going to approve mass killing. If you are classified as a “Left Libertarian” then it means you feel that each individual is more important than the government on a social scale one good example of a left libertarian is Ghandi. A “Right Libertarian” is a person who does not want the government involved not for a social reason but rather because of a fiscal one; such as taxes the government charges a good example of a “right libertarian” is Milton Friedman. As someone in the “left authoritarian” quadrant I feel that the government should control its people socially, for example I feel that if a person has a genetic disability that the government should stop those people from reproducing. Yet I feel that the government should not be so involved in the economic market such as when the government stepping in during the bail out of car manufactures. Due to government regulations they have hindered the advancements in technology for companies such as solar technology and electric
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