Political Cartoon Analysis

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In Dan Wasserman’s cartoon that appeared in an issue of the Boston Globe in July of 2011, Obama is attempting to make things better, or “avoid default” while a Republican who is far away “misinterprets” what he says and states his feelings of everything being Obama’s fault. The cartoon portrays the use of symbolism, exaggeration, humor and caricature to convey the message of republicans blaming Obama for everything even when he tries to do right; Republicans don’t “hear” or listen to Obama. The cartoon most likely would create laughter from an audience due to the fact that there is no denying that this is true, but the facts were shown in a humorous way. The large crack in the ground as a way of showing everything falling apart demonstrates Wasserman’s use of symbolism because the crack represents America. The crack could also be a representation of how split republicans and Democrats are on their views. Another use of symbolism was the elephant itself; elephants are used to represent republicans in politics. This helps with identification so the audience knows the conversation is between Obama and republicans. To begin there were two main uses of exaggeration within the political cartoon. The first being Obama’s large ears, which is pretty common among political cartoons that include him which is also an example of Wasserman’s use of caricature. Caricature is an artistic rendering of someone’s physical features in a sarcastic manner, which helps with identification, so that in this case the audience recognizes the character to be Obama. The second is the elephant’s small ears; real live elephants usually have rather large ears, but this is Wasserman’s way of showing that republicans have “bad hearing” meaning that they do not listen to what Obama says. The text in the cartoon supports that theory because Obama said “Let’s find a way to avoid default”, but since
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