Political And Social Change In The Film 'The Glory'

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Change There has been racism going on since the world began. There is no human being on earth that could do something to be able to stop the racism. We can’t change people opinions about other people or other nations. All they can do is make the racism more unnoticeable. It is not easy to make a change in the world. It takes compassion, courage, faith and a good cause to make the political and social change. In a film called The Glory shows some political and social changes. This film was about the first black African American group to enter the Civil War. It showed lots of compassion and courage. The conflict in this story is because the soldiers were black the government didn’t want them to go in real combat, they let the white soldiers…show more content…
expended west. A war between the Sioux tribe and the American government. All of this had happened in Dakotas. Sitting Bull was the proud Lakota chief who refused to submit to U.S. government policies designed to strip his people of their identity, their dignity and their sacred land. “These are where my people lived before you whites first came.” Also, Charles Eastman was a young Dartmouth educated Sioux doctor, helped out as living proof of the alleged success or assimilation. Charles had two different symbols through his life in his faith. He had a feather that he used to wear which symbolized the Indians belief and the cross he had been wearing when he grew up represented the American belief. This story was all about fear because the Indians were scared of the whites taking their land away from them. Sitting bull was the one that made the changes. “Hear me, then for one last time. They mean to take our land away from us. You may say, they wish to give us land. This patch to you, this patch to you. But here is the truth each patch is for a man and all generations that follow him. And they know that this land cannot feed but one generation, not even so much as
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