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It has been a principle that a country must strive upon being organized, prosperous, and peaceful, and must maintain its good political history. In order for the nation to achieve those, one must have an ethical and righteous leader. It is evident that a lot of former officials of our country have failed us in some ways which caused the nation at stake. The future of the country lies in our hands since we have responsibilities upon practicing our political rights by taking part in voting during elections. Early advertisements have been a conduit to public information about politics. Knowing that most of our basis for selection comes from our views about the nominees, commercialized political advertising has now been the major form of communication between candidates and voters in the country’s electoral system. Have you wondered what lies behind those smiles shown by the children and those promising efforts in a candidate’s ad? Candidates are doing these since they of course, want the citizens to have a good impression of them. As a possible result to these acts, people would be easily swayed upon considering them in voting. They might be doing things only for show since most of the candidates for this big event are starting to make benevolent attempts just a year or two before the elections. But what if they lose in the competition? Would they still pursue in continuing their then-unfinished projects? We can only hope for their words to not turn into broken promises. And if such is the case, then I’d wish that there’s always an election only so those influential individuals do charitable acts for the betterment of our country. We should be wary of how media can influence the way we think about a person. Advertisements are not enough as it only shows the positive side of a contender but the unpleasant side hidden. Instead, we must conduct our own research

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