Politcal Parties Of America Essay

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In the United States, there are two political parties that everyone is well acquainted with, the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The topics that separate the two parties are issues such as national security, health care, energy, and education. They are even different on controversial topics such as gun control, abortion, gay rights and the death penalty. Not every person of these parties believes in all of the views that will be up for discussion but associating oneself believe in a majority of the parties views and beliefs. The majority view of the parties’ beliefs will be present explaining not just one politician’s individual belief but the consensus. The differences of individuals from a political party can be found in an individual’s political campaign platforms. When discussing a serious issue such as national security, the view of President Obama says “To ensure prosperity here at home and peace abroad, we all share belief we have to the strongest military on the planet”. Democrats have supported this by removing 140,000 troops from Iraq and have passed the Southwest Border Security Act to improve federal law officials (Democratic National Committee). Democrats believe that we must maintain precious freedoms to achieve security. “An open system that has less of a mystery, an admiration for privacy and the freedom of speech, and one with appropriate checks and balances to reassure the will of the people will make us better become better citizens, keep us unified in a time of danger, thus increasing our national security” according to Paul Siegel. (National Security: Republican vs. Democratic Views). Democrats are very fond of the military as it is a vast receptacle of funds and the defense industry has the reputation of being basically a giant welfare program for mostly engineers and scientists. The Republicans view national security that we must

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