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Miguel Lopez 10/18/12 SOC 205 While reading the discussion forum about polish holidays, I found a lot of them very interesting. One of the holidays I found very interesting was namesday. Apparently in Poland, people do not have much freedom in choosing names. They can’t give a child the name of a city, such as Sydney, or some sort of noun, like honey. Each name has a specific day on which is celebrated. Reason I found this holiday to be my most interesting one, is because I’ve never heard of a holiday that lets you celebrate your name, and makes me wonder how narrow is the names list that they have a specific day on when to celebrate it. Christmas in Poland, I guess it’s kind of celebrated the same as in the USA, but with some more things to do. One of those things is the many traditional dishes. Traditional dishes aren’t very varied in the USA, mainly revolves around turkey, chicken, or a ham leg, unless your family doesn’t celebrate it like that. In Poland however, there are 12 dishes to serve during Christmas supper. Compared to what ive seen , that is a lot of food, not even my mother would try to make that much, even with help. One more that I read was Polish Easter. Its very important for Catholics, but non- religious people can celebrate is as well. One thing I found interesting is that they take their food in a basket, and they have it blessed in church. Some of the traditional Easter food is bread, sausage, pepper, salt, horse radish, and a sugar lamb. I found the weirdest food to be the sugar lamb. Sounded kind of weird until I looked it up I found out it was just butter and sugar molded to look like a lamb. While the US and Poland might have similarities on their holidays, there are some things that I didn’t know about polish holidays that kept me interested to read more about them. I really liked namesday, simply because they celebrate the name

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