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Policy Topic Search and Selection Agrial Washington HCS/455 February 18, 2013 Dr. Elkins Policy Topic Search and Selection The health policy topic that was chosen to complete the paper on is HIV/AID. HIV and AIDS has become a serious issue in the U.S. The disease is transmitted through sexual contact among other means. HIV can be spread by infected blood transfusion, injection drug use, mother to child during pregnancy, giving birth, and organ transplant or breast milk (Mayo Clinic, 1998-2013). HIV is the virus that weakens a person immune system, which is the body’s defense system. AIDS is a chronic potentially life-threatening disease, which be caused by HIV. AIDS is the last stage of the infection caused by HIV disease. AIDS causes severe damage to the infected person immune system. Not developing HIV/AIDS the immune system can fight off the virus the body is experiencing, and the person are able to become well. HIV/AIDS The HIV virus the disease stays and grows in the blood as well as other body fluids. Several of body fluids that are high levels of fluids containing HIV are listed as blood, semen, pre-seminal fluid, breast milk, vaginal fluids, and rectal mucous (How Do You Get HIV or AIDS, 2012). If an individual is not protecting him or herself and are expose to an individual who has HIV there is a high chance that he or she can get HIV as well. So important for individuals to ensure he or she has his or her health under control and being educated on the importance of HIV/AIDS and on protecting themselves of not contracting the disease. Education on HIV/AIDS raises awareness on what the causes are for HIV/AIDS it will prevent the numbers from continuing rising rapidly as the numbers have already has. Stakeholders Stakeholders affected by HIV/AIDS are gays,
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