Policy Topic Search And Selection Essay

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Policy Topic Search and Selection Susan Kunz HCS 455 June 21, 2011 Rich Jones Policy Topic Search and Selection Health Care in the United States has been around for many years and is a problem continually for debate and care. In the following assignment the author will plan to research a health policy topic and write a brief summary on the selected topic of choice. Health care topics are one of the most debated areas that the government finds itself discussing. The health care topics have the potential to affect all the people of the United States. Understanding the process is important to create a policy from a topic because the policy will at some point affect all health care consumers and providers. Three main stages exist in the process to transform a topic into a policy. Those stages are the formulation stage, the legislative stage, and the implementation stage (Morone, J. A., Litman, T. J., & Robins, L.S., 2008). Coupled with the implementation stage is an evaluation of all the stages to determine effectiveness and gather information for use in future public health care policy making. The topic chosen by the author is Medicaid/SCHIP. In the United States the government finances health care for the elderly, blind, and the disabled with low income and limited resources. With the help of the economy over the years, health care clearly developed into the largest growing health field since 1975 (The Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010). Topic Selection All health care policy begins with the selection of a topic that seems to need addressed by permanent policy implementation. Many popular topics discussed include controlling the costs of health care, providing health care to all people, public health, research, and Medicare and Medicaid programs. The topic the author chose is Medicaid/SCHIP. This topic is interesting as it is both federal and
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