Policy Issues Paper Cja 314

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Policy Issues Paper CJA 314 May 31, 2013 . The clip for “Child Exposure to Domestic Violence” was the video that can be matched up for why the content may be appropriately acknowledged and studied being a personal crime application. The causal factors were addressed in this video. Policy implications or recommendations were provided in the video to address the crime. Budgetary or financial issues were discussed in the video. Domestic violence in any variation does have future implications and were discussed in the video. There was other content-specific information that is relevant to the selected video. There were also basic elements of the crime served as the basis for the selected video. Criminological theories are related to the crime of domestic violence especially when it comes to children. When children are exposed to domestic violence at an early age it has negative effects on children in the long term. Some of the symptoms they experience are sleeplessness, defying adults, not wanting leave babysitter or guardians, difficulties in school, relationships with people, and having hard time recalling details from a traumatic event. Domestic has major impact on child’s emotional, physical, and school performance as well. There are also long term effects of domestic violence on children when they become adults with boost in anger, alcohol and drug use, and loss of motivation for life. The kids that were in the video appeared to be disturbed and desensitized to the whole realty of abuse, these types of children have a higher risk of being abuses themselves. The juvenile system becomes more populated from these kids and start doing crimes at younger ages. According to the video,” Child sexual abuse is basically the inappropriate sexual contact by an adult with a child. Incest, of course, then

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