Policy for Weekly Discussion Board Essay

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1. Your initial DB postings are due by what day of the week and your final peer comments are due by what day of the week? First initial Posting in the Weekly Discussion Board has to be made by Wednesday same week and final comments are due by Sunday 11:59 PM 2. How many peers should you post to? At least two peers should to addressed 3. What are the specific requirements on how your DB answers should look and or what should they cover and include? Each comment to a peer post should be informative and extensive and conatain at least 5 or more sentences, not just stating good or great posting. Discussion post should be from 3 to 6 paragraphs, containing 4-6 senteces. When referencing APA a proper format is requered . 4. Describe the late policy and consequences? Work submitted in the Weekly Discousion Board after the week is over will not aquare any participation points. Maximum points earned for such posting are only 10 or less. Work from week 1 to 9 may not be submitted after March 30 wich is the end of Spring Break. Work starting from week 10 should be submited no later than May 13. 5. How many Essay question exams do you have and how points are they worth? Total of 10 Essay Questions and/or assessment exams worth of 50 points each for 500 points for all. Each Essay should be done in APA format with Title and Reference page and at least 2 to 3 paragraphs per question. Submitted as Word document to Turnitin.com. 6. The percentage of your turnitin.com score should be what? Strong evidens can be used and documented but efforts shoul be made to expalin and interpet the evidents in your own voice. Not cut, copy and paste work since Turnitin.com score should be less than 25%. 7. Why is it important not to say or present any inappropriate comments within the DB? Comments within the DB should made in accordance with the instructor

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