Policy Elements Essay

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Six policy elements form the basis of every program and policy presented daily to citizens and clients/consumers. It is these policy elements on which the practical social policy analyst ultimately will base decisions are made about a program or policy. Ordinary sources for information about them cannot always be depended on; and, given the size and complexity of present social welfare programs, administrators, agency staff members, and policy manuals are not always up to date or completely informed. The six policy elements are mission, objectives and goals, forms of services or benefits delivered entitlement, organizational or administrative structure for service delivery, financing methods, and Interactions among the foregoing elements. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) mission is defend, protect, and extend peoples civil liberties and civil rights through education, litigation, and advocacy. Their main goal is protect and advance the civil liberties and civil rights throughout the United States . The ACLU meets this goal by giving guidance, engaging in advocacy and litigation but only as last resort. The services that the ACLU delivers are to provide legal representation free of charge for persons and groups whose civil liberties have been denied or threatened. Other services and benefits offered by the ACLU are the organization provides information to people to assist them in asserting their rights, refer people to other organizations that can assist with legal help, and act as advocates for individuals in in court or administrative hearings. The eligibility rules are for a case involves an issue within the ACLU’s policies and objectives, for the case to advance stated organizational priorities, for the case to have precedential value, and for the civil liberties issue be the predominant or exclusive in the case. The ACLU organizational structure for
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