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Policy Essay

  • Submitted by: lewy312
  • on October 22, 2013
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‘Economic policy in Germany came about in 1878-1990 as a result of the desire for efficiency rather than the need for change’ Discuss.
It can be argued that the economic policy in Germany came about as a result of the desire for efficiency rather than a need for change in 1878 to 1919 as a newly unified Germany desired consolidation to make the country more efficient and cooperative for example, newly unified Germany’s production began to soar new industries flourished and agriculture was protected by the old elite. The economic policy was introduced to newly unified Germany due to the desire for a more efficient Germany. It also can be argued that it was the desire for efficiency that brought about an economic policy, as in 1916 Germany wanted to sustain the war effort and keep the population going geared toward war, for example Hindenburg and Lindendorf did this by taking control with direct labour, creating jobs.
However it can be argued that throughout the period 1878-1990 during the unification of Germany joining forces with economically strong Prussia needed a new economic policy therefore had to change for the financial state in Germany to become evenly matched. It can also be argued that it was the need for change that brought about a new economic policy in Germany as the military needs dominated the economy with an economic crisis in 1917, for example food was in short supply and Germany was near starvation, therefore showing that Germany was in a dire situation that needed urgent change. Overall during 1878-1990 it is proved that Germany both needed change and desired to be efficient with Bismarck’s desired economy and Kaisers need for change, This period began with the desire as at the start of unification Germany economy was doing well economic policy was only desired to improve Germany’s finances.
In 1919 to 1945 it can be argued there was a change in economic policy due to the desire for a change with the new plan providing jobs and reducing...

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