Policng in 21st Century

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Challenges that are facing Policing in the 21st Century Introduction Policing is a practice of controlling and maintaining law and order in a region or area, by the use of the police forces. This is a very significant practice that has been used for so many years. According to Robins (1), policing rests at the core of every system of criminal justice that is effective. During this 21st century, the departments of police are faced with a growing array of challenges apart from the usual responsibilities of response to situations of emergencies and crime investigation. It has to keep up with the current developments in forensic science while addressing issues like organized crimes, terrorism activities and cyber-crime among others. The police department has to come up with means of addressing these issues. Thesis Statement This essay will look at the challenges that the 21st century police are facing in their duties of maintaining law and order. The major topics will focus on the perceptions of public and relations with the community, the advancement in the technological surveillance, equality and diversity in this department and the consequences of globalization and the war on terrorism. Issues Public perception: this is one of the significant challenges for the police department in this 21st century. There has been a growing concern by many international bodies and institutions on the perception of the general public of the role that police plays in today’s world. The media has a greater say in community relations since they have the authority of implementing notions in people via a range of media, e.g. magazines, newspapers and television. The way the media portray policing influences greatly the perceptions of the public, either negatively or positively. There is a comprehensive relationship between the media and the attitudes of the public to the police.

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