Policing In American Society Essay

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Policing in American Society Paper Jacinta Ingram University of Phoenix Introduction to Police Theory and Practices CJA/214 PD11BCJ03 Michael Morlan June 13, 2011 Policing in American Society Paper We will discuss how there is two levels of police in the United States: Federal and State. Others exist such as (INTERPOL) which is on an International level than the Federal and State police. Something we will get more into later on. On the Federal Level, the organization includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Immigration and Naturalization service, Drug Enforcement Administration Etc. All these departments get their authority from Article 1 section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, which gives Congress power to regulate taxes and interstate commerce. The Federal Bureau of Investigation allows state and local law enforcement to access the Automated Fingerprints Identification system (AFIS), also they pursue criminals who have or are likely to cross state and county boundaries. Sometimes Federal law enforcement agencies are called t help State and Local law enforcement to collaborate in solving certain offenses, those that cross-jurisdictional boundaries. While the DEA enforces laws on substances that have a tax ban on them, besides going after drug traffickers. We are seeing how the Federal law enforcement is changing how they going after criminals these days, they are moving away from the community policing and more toward a proactive style instead, which helps out better in the end. The State level has three Sub-levels of police: State, Local and Highway patrol police agencies that work together to help out smaller agencies, with more serious offenses such as homicide or rape. They also patrol on state roads, even when those roads traverse a community with its own police force. Some of our sheriffs’ agencies in some states do not provide

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