Policing Functions Paper

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Policing Functions Paper Throughout the world governments use Law Enforcement to maintain public order and laws. There are many different law enforcement agencies nationwide. From local agencies, state agencies, and federal agencies. According to the “Us State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Census 2008” that was created by the Bureau of Justice Statistics there are over 1.1 million people in the United States who are full time employees for a law enforcement agencies. (“U.S. State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Census 2008”). In that number included was 765,000 sworn job titles who carried the arresting power. In 2008 the State of Alaska alone and 1,298 sworn personal and 274 of those were Alaska State Troopers. There are many different agencies, and they are all at different levels. Working at a Federal Level police departments are allowed…show more content…
One of the biggest problems in policing functions is lack of communication between agencies at the state, local, and federal area. It is important that the local police officer that is working on a case be able to get information from the federal level such as the FBI on the suspect. Sharing information that is important to a case is important no matter what level of law enforcement you are working in. If the information is not shared it can put an officer of the laws life in danger. Another change that affects the future of Policing functions is technology. Each day technology is changing and becoming more advanced. They went from not being able to do advanced things such as tracking someone on their cellphone to being able to pinpoint location from crimes because they are using GPS and trackers installed in the phone. Technology is changing but it is not always an easy change for people to go through. Making sure that police officers are trained on how to use the new technology is also very
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