Policing Functions Essay

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Policing functions paper Introduction There are three different organizations of police functions which include local, state, and federal law enforcements (Walker, Katz,2008). Although each one of these has the same goals in mind they all differ in what their daily duties entail. Local law enforcement is the most common law enforcement that people know about or understand. Local law enforcement has a few main jobs and that is to enforce laws on the streets, to uphold laws in their neighborhood, provide emergency services, and keep records. State law enforcement is a little different. Their main job is to secure highways in the state as well as other areas in the state. Also they conduct vehicle inspections to their states regulations. Last but not least, federal police functions are to investigate different types of crimes such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations, United States Marshal Service, and United States Border Patrol. They federal have a total of eight different criminal investigation agencies. The difference between the local and state is resources, budget, man power, etc.. The federal has the most resources out of the three. In this essay, I will evaluate each organization in depth and explain how each one is equally important. Understanding Local police functions: Local police maintains different functions throughout its assigned area/location. Local police have responsibilities to individuals in their community to protect and keep safe. They patrol the area on a daily basis to make sure there is no suspicious activity or crime taking place. It is the responsibility of local police duty to ensure safety to their community and to make sure everyone is treated in a fair manner. They handle emergency calls and domestic violence calls in their community. Local police have been sworn in under oath to handle every situation

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