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Police Roles and Functions The role of police can vary a little from person to person but overall police are perceived as community leaders in public safety, having broad discretion, solvers of sociological and technological problems on a short-term basis, and occasional severs in a hostile or dangerous environment. The police are primarily responsible for the maintenance of public order, prevention and detection of crimes in the state. It also protects the life, liberty and property of the people. The crime is increasing day by day with the increase in the complexity of the civilization. Hence, the role of the police has become more important than ever. Without the police, there would be chaos in the society. The primary role of the police is to enforce the law. The first contact victims have with the police usually happens when they call for help or make a complaint. Complaints, or calls for service, usually result in an incident report. Police may interview victims and any witnesses to see if there is enough evidence to lay a charge. Police agencies have several functions. Some of the common functions are preventing and controlling conduct and behavior that may be threatening to life and property, helping those in danger of physical harm, and creating as well as maintaining a feeling of security in communities. Police agencies also can be responsible for helping those who cannot care for themselves, such as those under the influence, the addicted, the mentally ill, and the physically disabled. We entrust police agencies to resolve conflicts and to identify any problems that have the potential to escalate to a higher level. There are basically three types of law enforcement agencies, local, state, and federal. Local law enforcement agencies include police and sheriff departments. State agencies include the state or highway patrol. Federal agencies include

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