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Robert Krastel Block: 1-1/A Police Brutality: Use of Force The police use of force influences the opinion of society on how young adults are treated and how different ethnic groups are treated in terms of punishment. It is controversial on how far a police officer can go in order to sustain peace and control. London, Ontario 2011. High-school students are claiming police brutality after a young man was shot by a taser as an officer attempted to break up a fight on Thursday. The incident, which was recorded on cellphone video and later posted to YouTube, shows two youths who appear to be teenagers throwing punches on the street as a crowd of youths gathers around. A police officer runs toward the teens and fires the stun gun. One of the youths engaged in the fight near Beal Secondary School drops to the ground, dazed and limp, and a voice off-camera repeatedly yells at the officer, "You shot him in the head! Why?" Situations such as this are what affects the teenage perspective of the police force. Teenagers and young adults are becoming more and more frequently involved in encounters with the police. The incident in London, Ontario is what causes many young individuals to fear law enforcement, yet police insist that they need to monitor teenagers more closely due to the brutal nature of some crimes committed by teens. In most cases, teenagers and young adults are more likely to conduct a crime then seniors or kids. Most of these crimes consist of robbery or even homicide, and are conducted mostly by a male. Due to these factors, I am not surprised that the police would want to keep an eye out for suspicious activity when dealing with young adults or teenagers. The police force only uses what is necessary to control what is going on. Some decisions are necessary in order to apprehend someone or to keep them from endangering others around them.

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