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Police Department Roles Jameka Esters CJA/214 June 10, 2014 Kyle Tjelmeland Police Department Roles The United States is known to have one of the most complex law enforcement due to the different levels of policing agencies. In the United States each jurisdiction has its own policing agency, even though they are all similar n day to day operation. Roles and Functions Police officers respond to emergencies and patrol areas looking for suspicious activity. They also spend large amounts of time helping citizens and preparing reports. Other responsibilities include, responding to car accidents, directing traffic, assisting injured victims and investing crime scenes. Officers are typically assigned to specific zones within his or her jurisdiction. If a zone is too wide spread, officers will be paired up with a partner. Often the officers become familiar with the area they patrol, which often makes it easy to notice suspicious activity. Officers endure special training in the use of firearms, chemical analysis and finger print identification. Most officers will complete training in investigation, corrections and community relations. Federal and state law enforcement officers complete training once hired. Local Law Enforcement Local law enforcement agencies are designed to provide routine patrol, provide emergency service, conduct criminal investigation and enforce laws in the neighborhoods within their jurisdiction. The officers are divided between city police and county police. Both agencies have the same qualifications, however they have different responsibilities. Patrol officers stop citizens that’s suspect of committing illegal activity as well as investigate or monitor suspicious people, unusual activity or safety hazards. Once a suspect is identified they are pursued and arrested. Policemen wear their area department’s

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