Police Technology Past And Present

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Police Technology past and present The technology has grown over the years. The first police only carried a gun and it only shot one bullet at a time. Through technology the revolver, then it progressed to a night stick or a Billie club for the slang term. Officers walked a beat and talked with the community this is where they received a lot of their information. The use of a car radio gave the officer the communication that they needed from the jail to the patrol officer and from the dispatch to the patrol officer. This gave them the ability to receive a call without having to go back to the office and it gave them a quicker response to get a better eye on the crime and be able to get the criminal before he got too far away. Photographs of criminals gave victims and officers a way to identify criminals they then added the description of the criminals so that they could associate details easily. This gave a victim a chance to see if the defendant was a known criminal and if so he could look at pictures to identify the criminal. The telephone made life easier for people to be able to call the police instead of going to find the police to report a crime. This also made it quicker for the police to respond to a crime and it was also used to let the office know that they were on their beat. The two way radio was ver useful to an officer which helped his respond time also. Fingerprints was a very helpful to investigations and when the finger prints where put into a data base it not only helped officers in the crime they committed but it helped the investigator in a different state to identify same person that committed the crime there too. Crime labs where developed so that they could note all of the evidence and what the evidence curtails. Using the crime lab can assist in analysis of evidence. The computer helped with the tracking of

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