Police Tasers Essay

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Use of Tasers by Police Wyatt Taylor Basic Writing- S17 Professor Alcock Friday, December 7, 2007 Use of Tasers by Police Tasers are a necessary tool for Police today. There is a lot of controversy in society regarding the use of taser’s to safely subdue violent people. Taser stand for Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle and is safer for police officers to use than a firearm. There is less risk to the officer and to the suspect with generally no long term effects. Unfortunately there have been several recent deaths after the use of taser’s which has fueled a world-wide controversy. This controversy has led to an investigation…show more content…
A situation which has escalated draws attention and an audience which can get caught in the crossfire. With a taser no bullets are fired which decreases the risk of injury to innocent bystanders. A taser would allow for a quicker intervention to deescalate a possibly lethal situation while gaining control and subduing the suspect. A suspect who has been shot may still be able to injure others while a taser would render the suspect completely immobile leaving the community safe. Despite recent deaths, tasers have been a valuable and less lethal means of protection available for officers. When the data is considered, the pros of taser use outweigh the cons. It is a less lethal form of protection which has helped save the lives of officers, citizens and suspects. In general, most deaths have been attributed to existing factors such as heart conditions and drug use, which were agitated by the use of a taser, and not necessarily the direct result of the shock. Tasers have proven to be a valuable asset to Police officers and an effective means of deescalating the situation before a higher use of force is required. Considering the alternative, a taser is a safer option with temporary consequences, unlike a
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