Police Personality Essay

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When I think of people that work for the police force; I think of people who feel they have all the power in the world or think they are super heroes. Unfortunately in the police force, it is more about the power than being a super hero. The fact that you can cross boundaries, order people around, and intimidate others. It is funny what a badge can do to someone’s mind. Authoritarianism is something very common and very well used in police forces all over out nation, and even with in the police force itself. Each department wants to think they have more authority than others. Just like big cities like to think they know more, and are more experienced than smaller city police forces. In the way I see this affecting the officers of a force, is the way they think, and how far there ego can. This can sometimes lead to police brutality, and conflicts within police officers in each department. Suspicion just depends how you define it. A police officer that is overly suspicious can make many mistakes, as he has major trust issues. It can prevent him or her from making rational moves or decisions. This can also be ties into insecurity as well. Both traits combined can seriously effect how a police officer functions mentally in the field. It can lead to fatal mistakes, put innocent lives a risk. In other words put the police officer in general at risk of his own life. Conservatism I see as a one track mind, and not open to other possibilities. A police officer that uses his mind in such a way can be lead to being prejudice when approaching justice, or be lead to target on single racial community in the area. In other ways it can lead to certain way he performs his job. He could either be a rule breaker or not want stir away from the rule book. This can also tie into cynicism, in ways that a police officer can approach his job in a cynical way. Punish others for
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