Police Organization Essay

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I am going to explain to you the a few different types of police agencies at the local, state, and federal level and how each is organized. I will also identify the principal roles and functions of police organizations and their roles as they relate to the law. When I am done going over all of this information you should have a better understanding of how police organizing. Some examples of local agencies are city and county police. The county police would be the Sheriff department. City police stay inside city limits for the most part and the Sheriff’s patrol the country areas more. These agencies work together in order to ensure safety at a local level. There are many different functions and roles of the local police agencies. Local police are responsible for performing basic routine activities. Some duties include patrolling a neighborhood, enforcing the law, to assist with emergency services, and to help out with community events. The state police and highway patrols are a couple of agencies on the state level. Here in the state of Texas, we have the Texas Rangers, no I am not talking about baseball. According to "Texas Rangers" (2000-2011) “The Texas Ranger Division is a major division within the Texas Department of Public Safety with lead criminal investigative responsibility for the following: major incident crime investigations, unsolved crime/serial crime investigations, public corruption investigations, officer involved shooting investigations, and border security operations.” One federal organizations would be Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The main role of the DEA is to enforce federal laws and regulations pertaining to controlled substances. The Drug Enforcement Administration was created by President Richard Nixon through an Executive Order in July 1973 in order to establish a single unified command to combat "an all-out global war on the

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