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Police Organization Essay

  • Submitted by: diana215
  • on August 25, 2013
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Police Organization
Diana Gomez
Lorenzo Jones

    Police organization are made up of multiple departments. Each police organization is unique and plays a different role in policing. The organizations start at federal level and work their way all the way down to private organizations. Each organizations laws may vary state to state depending on where you live.
    The Federal law enforcement departments are made up of many agencies. In the department of justice there is the Federal Bureau of Investigations also known as the FBI, the U.S. Marshals, and the Drug enforcement Administration also known as the DEA. These departments work together with the department of Homeland security and their departments like U.S. customs and border protection, and the secret service. The roles and responsibilities of the Federal   law enforcement departments is to focus on big issues that affect the United States like drug trafficking, human trafficking, and terrorist attacks, or any issues that presents danger toward the United States.
    State law enforcement also has many agencies that serve many purposes. Some of the agencies involved at the state level would be, highway patrol, weigh stations, state park services, and fish and gaming. These agencies are known to protect the state in which you live. They also are known for policing in every state. Highway patrol watches for speeders on the highway, assists in crashes on the freeway and also provides services to lost or stranded people on the highways. Game and fishing make sure that people are hunting in designated areas and are only hunting if license is current, and it is hunting season. Each of these departments play a vital role in...

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