Police Organization Essay

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Assignment: Police Organization Paper Suehaydee Figueroa CJS/210 Fundamentals of Policing Professor Ronald Rucker April 28, 2013 There are many different roles in which local law enforcement agencies take part in on a daily basis. The duties, functions and responsibilities of local law enforcement agencies are broken down into many different roles. Local law enforcement agencies are in place to provide routine patrol of the communities within their jurisdictions, provide emergency services, maintain records, uphold traffic enforcement laws, conduct criminal investigations / planning and analysis, maintain property, keep within a budget, provide laboratory or forensic investigation, create agendas, provide detention for adults and juveniles, provide public information, community services, alcoholic testing, crime prevention communications, community relations, internal affairs, equipment maintenance and supply, and much more. State law enforcement agencies are charged with many different roles as well. State police are charged with keeping the state's highways, rural areas, and many other areas within their state safe. State police are also charged with keeping motor vehicles inspected per U.S. regulation. Many other agencies within the state as well share many other roles with other state and local law enforcement agencies. The state law enforcement agencies also conduct criminal investigations, public relations and community initiatives. The difference between local and state law enforcement agencies is their resources, staff, in some cases budgets, and jurisdictions. State and Local Law Enforcement responsibilities are to serve as the primary Department liaison to state, local, tribal, and territorial law enforcement. Advise the Secretary on the issues, concerns, and requirements of

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