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Aspects of policing operations. Ralphy Perez September 12, 2011 CJA 214 Professor Don Redden, PhD Abstract Police operations have many different aspects to consider when you think about everything it takes to have a successful operation. Police operations are surrounded by technology, weapons, patrol, and the relationships they have with other agencies. Police operations also deal with a more serious side which is the dangers associated with policing. The future of police operations is also something to take into consideration because as the future changes, police operations also have to change. In today’s society, we have many different aspects of police operations. The main aspect of police operations is patrol. Patrol is known as the backbone of policing (Walker, and Katz, 2008). We also have Rapid Response and undercover operations. With our policing operations our officers are faced with many dangers. In the United States we use the most current technology to solve crimes and assist us in investigations. Patrol is one of the key aspects in police operations because just having the presence of police in an area helps prevent crimes; it also gives the community a feeling of security and control. Patrol can be the police car, driving down roads or highways looking for people who may be speeding or driving without a license or insurance. Patrolling can also consist of police having more presence in higher crime areas or drug “hotspots”. Rapid response is the most vital part of police operations. Rapid response is in the event of a serious crime (ex: robbery, murder, car pursuit, etc...). Rapid response sometimes is also used to reassure the people who called the police, that they are in the area and ensuring them that they will handle the situation to the best of their ability.

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