Police Influence on Society

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Police Influence on Society Shaketra Jones CJA/344 Torria Richardson April 8, 2013 The criminal justice system has come a long way from years ago. Changes to the criminal justice system have changed in many of ways since years ago but some changes have not. One of the changes within the system is how the law enforcement officers deal with people around the world. The population of people from different races is steady growing causing the law enforcement officers to learn how to deal with different ethnic groups. Because of the continuous growth of the population and crime, officers have been force to treat them all differently. Today we are going to look at the history of policing in the United States as it relates to how officers relate to different ethnic groups along with the social issues that come with it. Over the years the crime rate have went up making the law enforcement officers job hard to do. Since the border have been open for everyone to come over to the United States, the crime rate have risen. Law Enforcement is making arrest every minute from different ethnic groups. Law enforcement officer’s relationship with different ethnic groups has been a rocky road for a very long time because of cultural differences and social differences. Sometimes the lines of communication seem to be strained between officers and minorities. Many minorities feel as though the officers patrol their communities with an iron fist instead of with compassion or equality. The police today must contend directly with a number of issues that carry a racial subtext both in fact and in perception: crime, drugs, disorder, civil unrest, and police brutality. While some can look at the same glass and call it half empty, while others call it half full, there is ample reason to suggest that even the most optimistic observers would agree that the police face a major challenge

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