Police Influence on Society

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RUNNING HEAD: POLICE INFLUENCE ON SOCIETY Police Influence on Society The Big 5.0 Every state has laws, every law has to be followed, every law has a consequence for being broken, and the ones who enforce these laws are the boys in blue, your local police officer. What kind of influence does an officer of the law have over the rest of society? When you are on your way to work and you see the familiar lay out of lights from a white Crown Victoria you slow down, check your speedometer to ensure you aren’t speeding then hope he doesn’t turn on his lights and pull you over. Police Officers provide a service to the people of the community which whom they serve, they come in many forms including: tribal police, public safety officers, parking enforcement officers, consolidation officers, contract officers, special-jurisdiction officers, and taskforce officers. There are also county, regional, and municipal police as well. The surrounding community may have certain expectations that they have of the police, and the individual police departments have their expectations of the officers to whom they oversee. According to Police and Society 2006 “Police have been dealing with issues of racial profiling, eyewitness identification, deinstitutionalization of mentally ill individuals, and computer crime. Privatization is a trend that, contrary to popular thought, is not new. Private police existed before public police. Private security will continue to develop, because the police can only do so much. Federalization of crime control and law enforcement is seen as a continuing trend. The federal government has passed more federal criminal laws and has jurisdiction over many drug and gun violations. “(para. 1-2). With all of these different issues it’s no wonder that police officers carry a significant influence on society, the thought of being arrested by a police officer

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