Police Influence in Society

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Gary K. Bradley Jr. University of Phoenix Instructor: Diana Mitchell WK. 1: Police Influence on Society 3/23/2015 If you are one of those people who watch the new, read the paper, or surfer the internet, you will eventually find an article that involve the police and a suspect. Most of the time it involves the shooting death of the suspect, a high speed chase, or a police using some means of force to take down a suspect. Police activity is increasingly being caught on video devices, with the intent of making the police look like the aggressor in the situation. In other word these videos are uses to make the police look like the bad guys. Most of the time what you see and hear about is a white police officer involved in a violent confrontation with an African-American or Hispanic male. When this happens calls for excessive force or race becomes an issue, especial when the suspect has been shot by police. The duty of police today is to serve and protect, to maintain order in society by enforcing the law. However this was not always the role of police in the United States. Policing in the United State date back to slavery, where the first slave patrol was established in 1704 in the south. The original role of police during this time was to catch runaway slave, which lasted until 1861. The era of Deconstruction of Reconstruction is a very important park of black history, but it also contains a historical description of policing in the United State as well. This era lasted for nearly a decade after the Civil War, through the establishment of Jim Crows in the south and segregation in the north. It wasn’t until the Compromise of 1976 when the era of Reconstruction finally official ended. Society’s view on police are both positive and negative, police relation with different ethnic groups has got better over the years. Though there is still some
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