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Police History Mitch Jones CJA/214 – Introduction to Police Theory and Practices July 5, 2014 Kenneth Rosa Police History Police history is something everyone should know about. Police have been around for a long time. The history of police is important to know about because it helps people understand why some of the policies are in place today. The United States has used methods of policing from Great Britain. There are many ways to learn about policing by studying the history of police. This paper will describe the impact of Sir Robert Peel on American policing and it will discuss the different stages of police in America. In addition, it will analyze the relationship between the government and the policing organizations throughout the United States. History Police practices and logics have changed enormously over the years. It is a common misconception that policies remain the same over the years, but that is not true as you will see. Furthermore, there are different stages in the history of American police called the political era, professional era, police crisis of 1960’s, and the new development stages. Robert Peel America has used policies implemented by Robert Peel. Robert Peel was a political leader in England, who fought to improve law enforcement in the country. Robert Peel developed three core elements that involve mission, strategy, and organizational structure of the police. Robert Peel also introduced the police having a presence in the community (Walker and Katz, 2011). That is something America still uses and the impact still affects the United States today. The impact of Robert Peel to the United States is still felt today. American Policing The first law enforcement in America is when the colonists settled. These policies came from Great Britain like many of the ideals and people initially, like the institution of the sheriff,

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