Police Cpus Essay

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Computers help police in their problem-solving efforts by storing, searching, and sorting out criminals. The use of high-technology equipment is essential to the practice of community policing. Without high technology, officers would find it difficult to provide the level and quality of services the community deserves. Compared to a human brain, a computer hardware can take in much more information and store it all in a matter of seconds. A persons’ memory, no matter how good it is, will always provide some type of human error. Therefore, a vast majority of police departments have let go of the antique file cabinets and replaced them with new, fast-paced technology. Not only are the computers being used in the offices, but also right in the squad cars! There are numerous up-to-date gadgets that police officers use to catch criminals and stay connected to home base and other officers at the same time. Computers bring together police departments by sharing information rapidly and effectively. Law enforcement officers have two-way radios in their squad cars, which means they can talk to any fellow officers to work together on cornering a criminal. Mobile Data Terminals, or MDTs, can access the main police database to verify the motorists’ information such as license plate number and to see if they have any outstanding warrants. In 2006, the US Bureau of Transit Statistics stated that there were roughly 250,844,644 cars in the United States. One of the most beneficial computerized system used to categorize the massive amount of cars is the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) because it advises the police officer about which cars are on a “Watch List” which means they are either stolen, uninsured, or have fines. The most popular device by far is the Radar Gun, which measures the speed of cars for the sole purpose of speed limit enforcement. All of these

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